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What we believe church to be, the Kingdom is not! Church as we know it will no longer exist. Church has become a religious and traditional institution. It has become entertainment and a fashion show. We have been so busy "having church" until we have forgotten how to be the church. God is changing the order of man and everything that does not give Him glory will be shut down. A paradigm shift has taken place that will change the pattern of man and his tradition and his religion. A change in the way we think and in the way we do a thing, is coming. A change in the places we go, a change in our praise, a change in our worship, a change in our prayer time, a change in our walk and a change in the way we treat people, is coming.
Kingdom is the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. The Kingdom of God is not politically correct. There is an impartation of His glory that will be released upon those who are hungry and thirsty for more of Him and sit before Him crying out for more of His presence because what we have is not enough.
The Lord must prepare us for His glory for it is the very "Weight of God". The pouring of the glory will stretch you beyond yourself. Therefore, old wine skins must be replaced with new wine skins without holes or blemishes for the old wine skin will not be able to hold the new wine- the fresh oil of anointing. The weight of God's glory will be released upon those who are ready to receive. This release of glory is not for you, it's for the nation. We will witness signs and wonders, the supernatural power of God will be released. We will witness a remake of the Book of Acts in this end time, but in more powerful ways. This paradigm shift is like no other, it's an apostolic shift, a take-over, and it's coming in the suddenly, unaware, without warning, caught off-guard. Blessings are hidden in the suddenly. The Hebrew meaning for bless is "I empower you to succeed". To succeed means to accomplish what was attempted. So the blessing is going to empower you to accomplish what was attempted according to His will.
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