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Apostle Vanzant Luster Called, Chosen and Graced with an apostolic/prophetic mantle for this End-Time Kingdom age. 


Vanzant Luster was born in Harlem, NY on August 14, 1955. Chosen by God from her mother's womb, she was raised in the church with an apostolic Pentecostal background, under the leadership of Bishop Charles Poole and Mattie B. Poole, founders of Bethlehem Healing temple in Chicago, IL. After moving to Hinesville, GA in 1976, this woman of God began to hear the voice of the Lord calling out to her saying, "Blow the sound of the trumpet." After accepting the call of the Lord through many struggles,  Vanzant Luster was ordained and licensed as an Evangelist.

Many men and women began to give their lives to God as this woman of God began to walk in her office gift anointed by God. She traveled throughout regions of Georgia, Florida, and parts of Illinois, preaching the gospel of deliverance, conducting revivals, ministering in the streets, forming women's fellowships, home prayer Bible ministries, and appearing on radio prayer shows and crisis lines. Ministers were birthed. Pastors were born. Backsliders came home and lives were changed. To God be the glory! In the year 1986,  Vanzant Luster moved to Atlanta, GA. After living in Atlanta for a few years, and experiencing dry places, struggling to make ends me, she lost everything and became homeless.

As this woman of God continued to pray and seek the face of God, not fully understanding the greatness of the call of God upon her life, she would dream dreams and see visions. She would speak into the lives of people and it would come to pass- not understanding that there was a prophetic anointing on her life. God began to make another call, an unusual turning and tugging of the Lord, unlike the call of the Evangelist. As a result of her obedience and faithful walk with the Lord, the calling of the Prophet and a birthing into the prophetic realm took place. In 1996,  Vanzant Luster was ordained and licensed into the office of the Prophet under the leadership of GEM Ministries in Mableton, GA, where the founders were Bishop and Pastor Ferdinand and Barbara Yamassou.

As this Godly woman continued to lay before the Lord to seek His will for her life and a fresh word for His people, the Lord began to call out to her in the early morning hours of February 1999, in the form of a powerful trumpet- calling her into pastor-ship. The more she struggled with this call, the stronger God dealt with her. The Spirit of God was summoning her to pastor His sheep. After saying yes to God, she was birthed, ordained and licensed into the office gift of the Pastor. Fountain of Life Prophetic Deliverance Ministries began in Eastridge, TN in 1999. Souls gave their lives to the Lord. God's people were healed, and backsliders came home and were restored.

The call for elevation was not yet over for this woman of God. She, not fully understanding destiny's call upon her life, began realizing that she was carrying something bigger than she was, (much given, much required). In the year 2000, the Spirit for the Apostolic began to thrust this woman of God into the office gift of the Apostle. There commenced another struggling, another wrestling, and fighting against this thrusting by the apostolic wind. Not seeking God for any of this, this apostolic mandate became more intense upon her life as time passed on. As this chosen vessel began to seek the face of God for more understanding, the Lord confirmed this mandate placed over her life through apostolic counsel. She was ordained and licensed in September 2001 into the office gift of the Apostle.

Apostle Vanzant wasn't ready for this next move. Around the year of 2004, she was instructed by the Lord to release her building and those under her apostolic covering. The Lord then sent her to Dallas Tennessee and abroad into the marketplaces to reach those who were wounded by the church and refused to come back. These are the wilderness children- the remnant of God.


Apostle Vanzant Luster is now the founder and visionary of Apostolic Flame Kingdom Network Ministries. An International non- denominational mobile ministry without walls.

Apostle Vanzant has birthed many spiritual sons and daughters who are now Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, and Apostles. Apostle Vanzant has served in ministry for over thirty-five years and attended the School of the Apostles and Prophets.


She also conducts Kingdom Empowerment Transformation Leadership Training Workshops.

She is author-publisher of the following books: Making Wrong Decisions - Kingdom Language- Adam Formed From the Dust of the Ground - Order In The House -Mother's Wisdom Corner -Diseased Issues of the Soul, 21st Century Kingdom Leaders - Leadership Maintenance Tune-up, Red Flags! "Breaking Every Chain" Declare and decree IT SO! Intoxicated with Offense. 


 Her CD release! Breaking Every Chain - Rhema 'Spoken" Expressions.

Only God can do great things in one's life! For this great accomplishment, she gives God all the glory!

The making of this Apostle of God took 46 years, she is now 61 years old, and today, He is still making and forming this woman of God for His Glory. Apostle Vanzant was ordained and licensed into the apostolic office in 2001 by Apostle Paul and Prophetess Ida Thornton of Kingdom Dominion International ministry.

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